Hello, visionaries and storytellers! Welcome to the Omniverse, a realm where your favourite stories intertwine with the games you love. As we embark on this journey with Exfinitum, I’m calling upon the most imaginative and bold creators to join Exfinitum’s Creator Collective. 

Our Mission

Our quest goes beyond playing games, it’s about creating universes, character by character, story by story. As a member of the Creator Collective, you’re not just a player; you’re a world-builder in a universe where every card tells a story. 

Ready to dive in? Then sign up and we’ll be in touch! 

Joining the Creator Collective (Eligibility & Requirements)

To join Exfinitum’s Creator Collective, you need to:

●     Have a minimum of 1,000 followers or subscribers on your primary content platform  (if you don’t meet this threshold, apply anyway, as we may have a role just for you!)

●     Provide at least three pieces of content related to Trading Card Games – This may include  unboxing videos, live streams, social posts etc. 

To embark on this journey, simply:

●     Complete the application form

●     Provide links to your content platform and your awesome content via the application form

●     Await your invitation to join Exfinitum’s Creator Collective via email. (Please allow up  to 7 days for a response)

Join Now

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Exclusive Perks

As a member of Exfinitum’s Creator Collective, you’ll gain access to: 

●     Early insights into game developments, character reveals and game lore

●     Opportunities to participate in narrative-building sessions

●     Exclusive interactions with the developers

●     Insider information on upcoming features, development, card releases, and more!!

●     Invitations to exclusive events and regular feedback sessions


     Opportunities to participate in real-life and virtual tournaments

     Full game access upon release (both physical and digital)

     Merchandise closer to the launch

     Exclusive membership in a private Discord with special roles 

Your Responsibilities

 As a member of Exfinitum’s Creator Collective, we expect you to:

●     Craft at least one piece of content monthly (following embargoes) once the game is closer to launching (social posts count)

●     Try to attend regular feedback sessions (when you can)

●     Adhere to our code of conduct and community guidelines, including within the Discord server

Code of Conduct

●     Deviate from our code of conduct, and we may need to part ways. We’re here to create and inspire, not to disrupt.

●     Ensure all your content respects copyright laws. We’re creators, not infringers!

●     Do not stalk, troll, attack, bully, or harass anyone. Inappropriate or unreadable usernames may be changed at our discretion to something more appropriate, and family friendly/safe for work.

●     Do not promote illegal activities, drugs, or practices. If you’re unsure whether your post follows this rule, reach out to a member of the team.


●    Do not share any personal data such as your address, phone number, bank details, personal emails, or other personal information. In short, just don’t share too much of your personal information.

●     We have a zero-tolerance policy to NSFW (“not safe for work”) or graphic content. You will be removed from the program immediately if you break this rule.

 There you have it! Abide by these guidelines, and together, we’ll craft not just a game, but a universe of stories.

What’s the Exfinitum Creator Collective All About?

Exfinitum is more than a game; it’s a canvas for your imagination. With a gaming framework that’s thrilling both digitally and in real life, you can expect intense TCG tournaments, a diverse cast of characters, and a universe that expands with your creativity. Whether you’re inspired by historical figures or the vast expanse of the internet, if you can dream it, you can play it in Exfinitum!